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AP Econ FRQ portfolio.pdf4.4 MB       2005 AP Exam MC questions with answers and explanations

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Current Event Project Topics

Pick any 6 of these topics.  One is due at the end of each 3-week grading period (progress report and report card).  Each topic paper must be a minimum of 2 pages in length and must be typed.   You must cite at least 3 sources within your work.  Hand-written pages will not be accepted.  You must submit your essay through the website www.turnitin.com.  Late papers will not be accepted.

Price of Crude Oil
Strength of US Dollar and Imports
Henry Ford and the assembly line
Public funding of sports stadiums
Tax reform
Affordable Care Act
Independent Contractors vs W-2 Employees
Ethanol and BioFuel
Net Neutrality
Pension Plans

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AP Macroeconomics Free Response Questions 1999 – 2017 by topic

2017 FRQ / RubricPhillips Curve, Monetary Policy, FOREXMoney Market, Monetary PolicyPPC, Loanable Funds
2016 FRQ / RubricAS/AD, Phillips Curve, FOREXMultiple Deposit Expansion
2015 FRQ /Rubric

2014 FRQ /Rubric 

2013 FRQ /Rubric
AD/AS, Loanable Funds, FOREX
PPF, Fiscal Policy 
Inflation, Phillips Curve
2012 FRQ /Rubric
PPF, Monetary Policy, Balance of Payments
Multiple Deposit Expansion 
Long-Run Equilibirum, Trade 
2011 FRQ / Rubric
Phillips Curve, AS/AD,Monetary Policy, Long Run Adjustment
Loanable Funds, FOREX
Bank Balance Sheet, Multiple Deposit Expansion, Money
2011 B FRQ / Rubric
AS/AD, Phillips Curve, Automatic Stabilizers,Loanable Funds, Long Run Adjustment
FOREX, AS/AD, Monetary Policy
GDP, Inflation
2010 FRQ / Rubric
AS/AD, Fiscal Policy, Long run adjustment, LoanableFunds, Economic Growth
Money Market, Bond Market, Monetary Policy
Balance of Payments, FOREX,
2010 B FRQ / Rubric
AS/AD, Phillips Curve,Loanable Funds, PPC
Monetary Policy, Multiple Deposit Expansion, Money Market, Inflation, Interest Rates, FOREX
Determinants of AS/AD
2009 FRQ / Rubric
Phillips Curve, Real Interest Rate, Monetary Policy, Money Market, AS/AD
FOREX, Loanable Funds, Economic Growth
Multiple Deposit Expansion, Inflation
2009 B FRQ / Rubri
AS/AD, Phillips Curve, Fiscal Policy, Long Run Adjustment
Multiple Deposit Expansion, Inflation, Money Market
FOREX, Loanable Funds
2008 FRQ / Rubric
Phillips Curve, Budget, Multipliers, Loanable Funds, Growth
Balance of Payments, FOREX
2008 B FRQ / Rubric
AS/AD, Fiscal policy,Loanable Funds, FOREX
Trade Barriers, Balance of Payments
GDP, Inflation
2007 FRQ / Rubric
Money Market, FOREX, AS/AD
Monetary Policy, Multiple Deposit Expansion, Nominal v. Real Interest rates
2007 B FRQ / Rubric
AS/AD, Money Market, Long run adjustment
Loanable Funds, Growth
Balance of Payments, FOREX
2006 FRQ / Rubric
Money Market, LoanableFunds, Nominal v. Real interest rates
Unemployment, Phillips Curve
2006 B FRQ / Rubric
AS/AD, Long run adjustment, LoanableFunds, Growth
Multiple Deposit Expansion
2005 FRQ / Rubric
AS/AD, Monetary Policy, Nominal v. Real interest rates
Loanable Funds, FOREX
Phillips Curve
2005 B FRQ / Rubric
Policy Mix, AS/AD, Phillips Curve
Loanable Funds, FOREX
2004 FRQ / Rubric
AS/AD, Monetary Policy, Long run adjustment
Interest rates, FOREX
Multiple Deposit Expansion
2004 B FRQ / Rubric
AS/AD, Phillips Curve, Monetary Policy, Supply – side
Balance of Payments, FOREX, interest rates, investment
2003 FRQ / Rubric
AS/AD, Policy Mix
2003 B FRQ / Rubric
AS/AD, Fiscal Policy,Loanable Funds, FOREX, Growth
Phillips Curve
2002 FRQ / Rubric
Policy Mix, AS/AD
Balance of Payments, FOREX
2002 B FRQ / Rubric
AS/AD, Policy Mix, FOREX
Consumption & Saving,Loanable Funds, Growth
Balance of Payments, FOREX
2001 FRQ / Rubric
AS/AD, Fiscal Policy, Supply-side, Growth
Interest rates, FOREX
Multiple Deposit Expansion
2000 FRQ / Rubric
AS/AD, Fiscal Policy, Investment
Money Market, AS/AD
1999 FRQ / Rubric
Interest rates, FOREX, AS/AD, Policy Mix
GDP, Growth


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